February 26, 2006

Acting Lesson #1

This has been a long week and a very short weekend. The stress, anxiety and eventual payoff of Friday night is fading and after five hours at acting class, I am a bit drained. Well, totally drained. And so this post will be brief. But please don’t read into my terse prose and come away feeeling that the class has diminished its appeal in anyway. It was indeed another exhaustive and intensive bout with my personal comfort level and tolerances for humility. But I did walk away from the class with one concrete lesson, which I will present you in haiku form. And the more I think about it and let my teachers words sink in, the more I realize that this lesson goes beyond acting. It is something that can be applied to everything we do:

the more vulnerable
you allow yourself to be
the stronger you'll feel

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  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    We spend our entire lives builing up walls, maintaing a facade, that we imagine to be our show of strength. Walls and facades to hide our perceived weaknesses. An ingrained, institutionalised misconception of vulnerability=weakness. It is not easy to let your guard down, but by being vulnerable we allow our authentic self to be revealed and we are therefore immediately less afraid to show the world the real person and just simply be ourselves and stronger.