February 15, 2006

Maybe The Laws Are Different In Texas

I received the following email today:

Where are you? What have you got to say about Cheney's hunting accident?

After I got over my inflated sense of importance, I did a little research, thought about it all day, and came up with very little that hasn’t been said all over the internet. I simply have this to say:

A lying, gun toting, by the looks of it drunken Wyoming cowboy shoots his buddy in the face on some ranch in Texas- weren’t these the same characters lurking in the background that we hated in Brokeback Mountain? Next you will tell me that the guy gets off scott-free. Oh! This is the vice-president of the United Sates, and the White House decided not to tell anyone about the accident until some rancher in town leaked it to the press, thus not allowing the perpetrator to be questioned till the next day, so if he was drunk no one would know. Why weren’t there police on the scene of a gunshot wound? That doesn’t sound like the open, have no secrets White House I have grown to love.

What can one say? Everything is becoming so absurd with this administration and our country. Nothing surprises me anymore. However, I was left with one question that my wife brought up; if this were someone else, wouldn’t they get into some kind of legal tangle for shooting someone, albeit by accident, else in the face. Maybe the laws are different in Texas.

Or maybe if you are building permanent bases in Iraq or planning the biggest oil and gas giveaway in history it would make sense to get the press of your tail, even if that means that they are laughing at you for shooting a hunting pal.


  1. I, for one, can validate your hypothesis: laws are most definitely different in Texas. Where else can a bunch of drunk pseudo-cowboys, smitten with guns and Jesus, call the shots? Oh wait...

    Uh-oh. We're in deep shit aren't we? And have been for, oh, about 6 years by my count?

  2. Keith9:31 AM

    Favorite Texas "law": reciting the Texas pledge as well as the U.S. pledge - I wonder if they still do that? "Honor the Texas flag..."

    Jabiz - I'm Risa's Keith - I really like what you write on here.

    Jefe - Galveston, Texas? Do you teach at Ball?