February 14, 2006

to do

get the progress reports finished and printed. make sure all the re-write essays have been corrected. read and comment on the new batch of poems from students. listen to some of the new music that jeff sent.22 new cds. wilco. jens lekman. plan lessons for tomorrow. finish ordering books for next year. pay the bills. send the 22 cds to ari. redo politics and photography page of website. print off a copy of the red wheelbarrow and this is just to say for &*^@%$! because her poems sound like his and she will enjoy them. start work on third draft of vietnam story. start first draft of new story idea. write a poem. maybe a sonnet. why isn’t kaia moving? start swimming laps. get the motobike tuned-up. call grandma, make sure she isn’t being harassed. say hello. take more photographs. start writing rubric for chapbook final project. plan the night of the student poetry reading. print new photos for coffee shop display. drink more tea. make cd for ari proving elliott smith has a pretty voice. make sure to include pitseleh. learn to play atlantic city by the boss. read and edit jeff’s memoirs. read and edit ari’s poems. write cortney an email asking about ilha. buy in cold blood, naked and the dead and armies of the night. start buying some shel silverstein books for kaia. try writing a children’s story. stop making a worthless list and start doing:

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