April 25, 2006

Kill Your TV

TV Turnoff is no ordinary social ritual. Sure, it’s a statement against the dead-end couch culture. But when millions of people let the screen fade to black, they also help build the Media Carta movement – the human rights battle of our information age.
Fewer and fewer people control the media that shapes our worldview. And nowhere does this play out worse than on our televisions, where the corporate agenda reigns supreme. With TV Turnoff and the Media Carta movement, we're fighting back – for the right of all citizens to access society’s most powerful forms of communication.

1. Take the personal plunge:
Don’t think you’re addicted to TV? Then why not prove it by going cold turkey for a week? You’d be surprised how difficult it can be to disconnect – and what a profound week of self discovery it can be.

2. Take it to the classroom:
Students all across the world have been taking part in the big annual switch off. This year, whether you’re a teacher or a student, why not get your school to join them?

3. Hone your activist edge:
Now you don’t have to stay at home and keep your sofa warm. Make TV Turnoff Week a tube-smashing success with some unscripted activism: poster, dream up some street theater, or team up and go on a TV-B-GONE pub crawl.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad to see that there is some organized movement against rotting in front of the screen; I've been abstaining for years while continually sneering at people that induldge. It's been lonely: at the water cooler I never know what's happening on "Friends" or who is beating up on the Mariners but it's a good, wholesome, and productive lonely. Everyone should try it...