July 26, 2006

Introducing: Voices

I have started a new writing project which I am tentatively calling Voices. Not to sound crazy, but ever since the invasion of Lebanon by Israel, I have been hearing the voices of all the people suffering in the wars that seem to be taking place in every country in the world right now. The voices are often those of children, but sometimes they are of adults as well.

So I simply sit at the computer and let the voices come out through me. It feels as if I am giving the voiceless a voice. I feel that fiction has always played the role in connecting all of us to the human experience. I am not hear to say that I know what these people must be going through, but by sitting and allowing myself to be in their shoes for sometime, I hope to connect to something important, something that people who are reading can ponder and hopefully do something about. I feel that by allowing ourselves the opportunity to feel the pain of our brothers and sisters, maybe, we will become less numb to it. While watching the headlines and reading news stories, all I can feel are that these ordinary lives are being shatter, for what appears to be no reason. I compare these events to my life, and see how I would react, what would I feel, what would I say, what would I think about? What I write are the answers to these questions.

I hope you find them moving, honest, and non-partial. After writing so many political posts, I feel that these personal accounts may do more in getting people to truly see what is happening. Please share them with people and link them here to the Intrepid Flame. Who knows when the voices will stop; maybe they can become a nice little collection of stories. I have labled each post as Voice: (title). If you like what you read please read archives.

Thanks for reading


  1. i always think that it is a good idea to try and put on another's point of view. good idea.

  2. It is an ambitious project, and one that can be very interesting. Good idea.