September 10, 2006


Another friend has joined the Blogophere, and as her first post she made a list of things that make her happy. So I thought I would make a list of my own as a tribute. After all what more can our daily lives be than the simple things that bring us joy. The following list is a stream of consciousness. Little thought was put into each entry and they are in no particular order:

Listening to lullabies from around the world with Kaia
Grilled Portobello mushrooms
E minor chord
Students excited about what I teach
Positive comments about my work (Both artistic and academic)
The fact that I gave up drinking all by myself
My new clarity without the booze
Discovering a new song and playing it to death (Currently Breathe by Anna Nalick)
Watching movies with my wife
Taking photographs
Living near the equator
The weather after a tropical rain
The sounds of the birds in my yard in the morning as I eat breakfast
Every single thing Kaia does
The fact that I have read one book after another for as long as I can remember
I am never too busy to live the life I want
My jasmine bush in the front yard
Not fitting a mold
Connecting with strangers on these blogs (Thanks Betmo and Boho)
I am not bound by a rigid masculinity (I nearly cry every time I watch Grey’s Anatomy with my wife)
Mango Ice Cream with fresh strawberries
The fact I am strongly affected by global events
My Zen practice
Singing although I know I am out of key
My friend Ari’s life
Watching my wife with Kaia
Our home

More later...

So check out her blog and share a list of your own.


  1. going to have to give this one some thought. will be back- and will check out your friend's site. thanks for the connection too :)

  2. I had to laugh when I saw Grey's Anatomy on the list. I have a love/hate relationship with that one but can't force myself to stop watching (I cry and cry).

    I've posted about you on my blog - I love your writing and glad to have found you.