November 2, 2006

Countries Visted

I was on a friend’s blog today when I ran across this fun little site. I have always been obsessed with maps and traveling, so I thought I‘d give it a try. My friend talked about going to 30 countries by the time she turns 30. I have been to twenty-three nations, which isn’t bad I suppose seeing that something like 70% of Americans have never the left the states! I did not make the 30 by 30, but my plan is to simply try and hit as many of 193 counties that I can before I die. For now, there is a gaping blank space in South America that needs to be remedied soon.

At 32 here is my list:

1. United States
2. Costa Rica
3. Dominican Republic
4. Mexico
5. Angola
6. Malawi
7. Mauritius
8. Mozambique
9. South Africa
10. Swaziland
11. Zimbabwe
12. Denmark
13. France
14. Netherlands
15. Sweden
16. Switzerland
17. United Kingdom
18. Iran
19. Indonesia
20. Laos
21. Malaysia
22. Singapore
23. Vietnam

create your own visited countries map

Because I am so often labeled as “Anti-American” I also wanted to show how I have traversed this beautiful land of ours. Here are the states I have either visited or at least driven through. Trust me, you would not want to stay in some of these places. I only wish the states could have been highlighted in blue.


  1. Do you like my country: Laos?

  2. hello, i just came across your blog again after a long time away and wanted you to know i enjoy it and your view of the world!

  3. Maps and Travel interest me a lot too! LOL on the Blue state comment.
    I dream of travel all the time.

    You certainly have traveled more than most people. I sure would enjoy some pics. Of anywhere.

    An odd question that has reason a behind it -
    What is your favorite musical instrument?


  4. I can't believe that both you and superkimbo have huge gaping white spaces on your maps where Canada is! Malawi?! but not Canada. Jeez, eh?

  5. Yes Samakomlao, I loved Laos. Sorry I can't say more now, because I am a bit busy, but Laos is a beautiful, peaceful place and you should be proud of the amazing culture your people share.

    Human: my favorite instrument is the guitar. I am still trying to decided whether I prefer acoustic or electric; these days I am leaning toward acoustic.
    Why do you ask? What secret does this reveal about me?