November 18, 2006

What's Important

People complain. People complain often. I am one of those people. Life gets us down. The state of the world, the stress of everyday life, you name it, something always seems to make everybody struggle to stay happy. Today I woke up to a giggling daughter; it was sunny and hot outside in November; I got in the shower and from behind the glass doors I could see right through the window to this:

I realized I couldn’t complain about anything. It was my day off; I had worked hard all week. I had nothing to do but run some errands and take my daughter to a group sing-along called Kindermusic- where my wife and I would sing and dance with our little one in a group of ten other families.

Now as I write this, I am tried and a bit under the weather. However, as I crawl into bed at 8 pm on a Saturday night to watch a movie with my wife, I know one thing: Life is good, and more importantly I am cognizant enough to realize it. It doesn’t take much to be happy. You just have to be able to notice it when it is there.


  1. A happy BZ, what a nice thing to see at the awful hour of 7 am on a Sunday morning :) The monkeys running across the roof of the school during another beautiful sunrise is making me smile right now too :)

  2. Anonymous12:39 AM

    thanks J, nice message to wake up to on a football Sunday! Miss those hot November days. Take care - Pootnami