January 13, 2007

Back in 07

It feels like it has been forever since I have posted, dear readers but I am back. I have been visiting friends and family back in The States and now I am back in Malaysia and ready to get back to life. While I was away, I took a break from the news, blogging, taking pictures, from needing to constantly document my story. I spent time with my daughter and old friends. It was a nice break.

Even now as I sit here in front of this screen, I am weary about jumping back into it. I wonder if it is not best to simply enjoy this time back and not write anything. It might be best not to read Bush’s speech and feel the tension of anger crawl up my back again as he continues to lie and make a bad situation worse.

I feel I owe it to the few readers that I have to at least let you know that I am back. I have been looking at my Blog Counter and although I haven’t posted in weeks, people are still stopping by. I have collected many thoughts on my return to The States; I have a story about flying with an infant and other little gems, but I will wait till I settle back in and see which ones still carry weight in a few days. It’s funny; I feel like I have nothing left to say. Maybe this year these blog posts will take on a new look. Maybe I will only write about things that will truly mean something. I doubt it. I am starting to realize that all writing, especially when done so flippantly and instantly published is meaningless.

So there you have it, I am rambling already. I just wanted to say hello and let my readers know that I am back. I am taking a break from the SPC challenge this month, but I will return in February. I am not a resolution man and I have no ideas for this months prompt.

By the way it has been one year since my first post. Maybe you can take this time to explore some of my earlier posts.


  1. Welcome back! Good to hear you guys had a great time at home - I would be interested to hear about your experiences flying with an infant! Ah - now you are the people everyone else looks really annoyed at when your baby starts crying......

    Hope it went smoothly :-)

    Shoe Diva x

  2. glad you're home and enjoyed your periplus. happy b-anniversary too. write whatever, whenever... in my book, anything goes.

  3. what is it about this new year? i've been rethinking my blog as well. not sure where to take it. or maybe it's just that i feel creatively empty.