March 18, 2007


I like to be touched. I like to try to new things. I am not ashamed to admit, I like to be pampered. I like to be clean. I like to smell good. Somewhere, someone made it a rule that only women like to be treated gently. Well not anymore. I was sick of having my face covered in blackheads, because much to my wife’s dismay, I seldom properly wash my face. So today, I had my first facial, and let me tell you something- Good Times!

If you like to lay in a dark room, and have a woman massage your face after she has applied and washed off about twenty different creams and lotions then a facial is for you. There was a bit of discomfort when she extracted the dirt and oil embedded in my pores, but no pain no gain right? After she squeezed out the filth, my face was painted with some kind of quick drying mask, and I was left to pass out in the dark room for about fifteen minutes. When I woke up, she washed off the cream and applied another twenty lotions and massaged my face some more. All in all this is not a bad way to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon.


  1. Aha! It's universal then. I mean who doesn't like to be touched and massaged? Who doesn't like to feel clean and tight? I've only had one myself but I loved it - very relaxing - completely enjoyable.


  2. Now you have the joy of finding the perfect facialist - because, believe me, they are all different. I always go back to my favorite lady when I'm home in CT for the summer. Sadly no one abroad has ever lived up to her total facialist perfection...