March 21, 2007

New Ways of Approaching The Doom

I recently received a comment from RoseCovered Glasses on my post about the four year anniversary of the war in Iraq, and so I went snooping around his blog. I found three very important and meaningful items there. I will share them with you briefly. The first two, tell a pretty simple story. One that I don’t feel needs too much explanation. The third is a lengthy article from Variety Fair that is a nice closer to the two charts. What conclusions must we draw from these simple graphs?

I hope these charts and this story will jar something in you to help you see the light. This war, the next war, the state of the world is beyond Bush. It is beyond politics. It is the reality of our world. We don’t need new revolutions; we need new ideas. We need new ways of approaching the doom. Maybe writing these blogs will help us find that new way as a group. I have just signed up with One Million Blogs for Peace. I am not sure what, if anything, this insignificant act will accomplish, but I think it is important to surround yourself with like minded people. This is their pledge:
I believe in the immediate withdrawal of all foreign combat troops from the nation of Iraq. I believe in using my blog, in whole or in part, as a tool toward this end.
and I can live with that. Good night for now.


  1. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Wow, I'll check out one million blogs for peace tonight. Thanks for your words of wisdom on my blog. You're right, its not that I can't write or express my inner feelings about this journey - it's that I'm holding back. I'm not sure why but I'll explore that.

    Someone commented on my blog: can't we just stop blowing each other up? It sounds simple but honestly - are we not smart enough for peace? Why is it we can't acheive that when it seems everyone in the world wants it?



  2. Anonymous12:36 AM

    I signed up a week ago, but I also wanted to pop in and comment on that excellent graph. Imagine the purposes that we could put that discretionary spending toward.