April 28, 2007

Voting, Awards, and Other Business

I talked in an earlier post about being able to connect more than ever because of social networking sites and blogs; well here are two great examples:

1. I was @ LeSophie’s blog, whom I met through SPC (who is coincidently from the same area where I grew up) when I saw she was posting one of her photos to JPG Magazine. After doing some research I thought the concept of JPG magazine was great. I decided to participate as well. Please go here and vote for my photo. I could get $100 bucks and have the shot published in their rag!

2. My second example is from Shimmer Glimpse who nominated me for a Thinking Blog Award. It is always reassuring to know that not only are their people out there reading, but that they find what you right thought provoking. Thanks for all of you who read regularly, and I hope to continue to keep you thinking. I guess I am supposed to pass this award to five others. I have not added any descriptions. Just go to these sites and snoop around. Here goes

  1. Life's Journey
  2. Chronicles of Me
  3. Renegade Eye
  4. Tohu Va-Bohu
Don't forget to vote for my pictures here:


  1. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog. I do know that I created my own jpg account after seeing a link on boho girls website. We're all connected :)

    I've voted for your photgraph. It's stunning.


  2. thank you my friend- i am humbled. i am looking at buddhism and i really think that is the way i am heading. it seems a good fit for me and you convinced me that i need to not hate the other side. since i do- i thought that the discipline of the basic tenants would help me work through this- so for this- i thank you as well.

  3. I love jpg. I found it through Susannah at Ink on My Fingers. Your amazing photo has got my vote this time :)
    Good luck.
    For what it's worth I would gladly second you for the thinking blogger award.
    Keep on blogging.