May 31, 2007

We All Want to Be Big Big Stars...(but we all different reasons for that)

I have often written about my love and fear of performing in front of others. Well, here is another post on the subject. I had a major breakthrough last week, and I have some pics and video to share. Lately my ability to perform has been strengthen by my new understanding: one must not always be perfect or great to share their art. I am not so naive or self-indulgent not to realize that I am at best a mediocre guitar player and an average singer, but lately I have learned that it is the ability to embrace one's actual talent and level of expertise that is important. I have already wasted ten years, wondering if I am good enough to sing in front of others, and the answer I know is no, I am not "good enough." But my lack of natural talent is no longer stopping me from do things I love to do. There are two types of people, those who judge and criticize and those who who do. I am tried of being the latter and ready to simply sing as often as I can.

Last week the students at my school organized a teacher variety show to raise some money, and two other teachers and I sang a few songs. It was my first time performing in a "band." We played Keep on Rocking in the Free world, Maggie's Farm, and Whole Wide World. I was meant to do spot guitar work and sing, but my amp was way too loud and the real guitar player was a bit low, so the sound is not the best, but I am not here to make excuses. I am here to simply share the excitement I felt when I started to play a little solo and the crowd went nuts.

The point is not solely to say hey look at me, although as always that is part of what I am saying, but really I guess, I am trying to say that life is more fun when you are doing and not simply judging. Get out there and follow your dreams. Do what you love now, even if you are only average. That is the only way you will get better. I also sang two songs solo.

Click here if you would like to see any of these clips in a larger format:

Rocking in the Free World

Maggie's Farm

Whole Wide World


What's So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding

Click To Play

I am doing a few more songs at an on open mic on June sixth, and as always I will try and share some pics and maybe some more video! Another dream of mine is to make short films. In the spirit of doing to learn, I am currently working on a documentary about this whole process of learning to oerfrom. I will post it as soon as it is done! Stay tuned!


  1. Awesome :)

    How fun is it to get up in front of everyone and just sing? I miss that...


  2. Very strong rendition of Maggie's Farm. May I suggest you pick up the tempo on the Wreckless Eric song? Perhaps this was intentional but the song works well when you can palm mute the verses. I liked it, overall.