June 24, 2007

Books, Books, and More Books

I just got back from the bookstore with my summer reading list. While some of these books will be put into my shipment to Doha and will not be read until August, I plan on taking a few of them with me as I travel this summer. Needless to say, I plan on adding a few titles to the list in NYC:

Bertrand Russell- The History of Western Philosophy
Gore Vidal- Lincoln
Gore Vidal- The Golden Age
Jean-Jacques Rousseau- The Social Contract
Kurt Vonnegut- Palm Sunday
Kurt Vonnegut- Galapagos

I think I may start with Lincoln, although I now realize that the novel is the third in a series of works called the Narratives of Empire…stay tuned for the review! Oh and by the way, I have crossed the 10,000 hits mark. I know that 10,000 is not that high of a number considering how long this blog has been around, but it is certainly higher than the zero people who were reading when I started. I want to thank you if you are a regular reader, and invite you back if you just stopped by. I hope to try and expand my readership further next year, time permitting of course!

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