June 15, 2007

The Walls Wait

It is Friday night. I am home alone. The place is a mess. Downstairs pieces of my life lay in piles, while the walls wait in varying shades of paint. The seamlessly infinitive checklist of things to do before I move my entire family to the Middle East, actually seems to have an end in sight. I am not sure the point of this post, except that I have hadn’t had time to catch my breath, let alone sit in front of the computer, alone, listen to music and type some words to help place me somewhere in time and perhaps a place.

It feels good to sit in this dim room with the music low enough not to wake the baby and hear the click-clack of these keys. Later, I will work on an iMovie about my daughter for her Grandparents and perhaps catch up on some emails. I wish I had something more to say and I wish I could write it in a better way, but energy levels are low and the workload slightly better than unbearable.

I will not bore you with the lists of things we have done and the other lists of things we still need to do, just know that I am here and at least thinking of posting. I had my last week of school and some tearful farewells to students I will dearly miss, I am realizing that I will soon be leaving a place I have really enjoyed living. I am too busy however to do any of that. I am ready to relax and enjoy my summer. It is almost here…I can feel it. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. relax and slide into the summer. saying those goodbyes can't have been easy.
    you've got a lot going on...
    I'm glad you can find a moment to sit and be mellow :)