August 1, 2007

More Gore

Gore Vidal has consumed my life. I recently wrote about reading his novel, Lincoln and how I am planning to read his entire Narratives of Empire series. Well, I just finished Burr and words cannot begin to describe how great it was. I understand that as a writer/blogger the previous statement is a cop-out and I should be using words to describe it, but I am running low on inspiration and time these to write, so I will just say that Gore Vidal has been catapulted to my top five writers. His voice and style are beyond anything I have ever read. If you appreciate literature and history you must read his work. Be cautious though, once you start with Burr, it will be nearly impossible to stop.

I am about fifty pages into 1876, the third installment of the series and every page is still as captivating as the first. This work is genius. I wish I had more time to get into burr, but I will leave the overall analysis of this series when I finish it, at this rate in a month or two. Till then I am off to read 1876. This is what I prefer to do every free second I have in the day.

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