September 5, 2007

“You just cannot be a meat-eating environmentalist,”

Here is a great little article about the benefits of being a vegetarian for the planet.


  1. That was interesting. Being a meat-eater as well as an amateur environmentalist, I think it was a little narrow in that it made it a binary choice; you're either a meat-eater or an environmentalist and that's that. But then again, they have their agenda and summing things up with one-liners gets attention.

    Also, it seemed to only be focusing on large-scale, centralized farming operations rather than smaller, local farms. It is a really good point and one that I hadn't specifically thought about (though I recall there possibly being a mention of this in Fast Food Nation, the book). Thanks for posting it.

  2. For a more in depth look check out Beyond Beef by Jeremy Rifkin. I agree with your point about smaller farms, but realistically how many of those are left, maybe a few in the states, but mass produced cattle is the wave of the future globally, even in places like Africa where the local population would do much better growing wheat and grain for human consumption rather than for cows to be eaten by men. Read the book it is insightful!

    The world cannot and will not sustain a carnivorous human population for much longer.