November 20, 2007

New Art Form

Pixar has outdone itself. I always been a big fan of their films. I thought Nemo was cute, I loved Monster’s Inc., and while I thought Car’s was terrible I allowed them their one mistake, but the latest Pixar film has started a new art form. Ratatouille is an amazingly intricate and powerful sensory experience. Everything from the setting, to the visual graphics, the script, and direction is perfect.

It is easy to call animated films like The Triplets of Belleville artful, but Pixar movies are often see as yet another marketing tool of the Disney empire, but this film is different. It stands as a testament to the power of visual imagery and great story telling. This is a must see film.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing Pixar has done has topped Toy Story (1 and 2) and A Bug's Life. Nevertheless, I enjoyed Ratatouille as well.