December 24, 2007

Notes From the Road

Just passing some time here in our hotel room as my daughter sleeps peacefully by our bed. I thought I would document this trip as it happens, seeing that we have wireless in our hotel room. Sad or amazing? I cannot tell, but today I spent all day in Carthage exploring two-thousand year old Roman ruins, came home sent flowers to a friend for Christmas, went on a great walk with my family, took my daughter swimming, and now I am curled up in bed ready to watch a movie.

I still sometimes envision going out on the town here in Tunis, to see the night life, but times have changed, and for better or for worse this is how we roll as 2007 comes to a close. Here are to new doors in 08'...

Here are some more pics from today. We are off to Dougga in a few days...

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