Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Story of Stuff

I was spending some time stumbling around the internet tonight, when I found this website. After watching it twice, I have realized that it is my personal mission to get as many people as I can to watch the short twenty-minute film and to get them talking about what it is saying. I also hope to use the resources on the site to help me make some changes in my lifestyle.

From the site...
From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It'll teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever.
As a teacher, I cannot think of a better tool to get kids thinking about these issues, and hopefully create a few activists. It delivers the message in a simple enough way to reach young people, but also applies a level of sophistication that gives it gravitas. But enough talk...please go to The Story of Stuff and see for yourself. Once you have seen the video share the wealth- comment back here, post on your blog, set up a screening, do something!

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