January 19, 2008

Waiting Out A Storm

People don't usually get a peak behind the veil that has been draped over Iran. I thought I would post this picture my dad sent to me tonight. It is a snow covered Tehran sitting nestled in the shadows of the Alborz mountains. Taken from his living room window, it shows a city like any city waiting out a storm.


  1. beautiful. people forget that people are people. if we could just learn that all of us share the same anatomy and physiology underneath- and the outward trappings don't matter- well, that's just me having a pipe dream again. :)

  2. Great photo. I must admit that I was so ignorant of Iran that I pictured it as a flat hot desert until I read "Persepolis," where they went skiing, right there, outside of Tehran.

  3. thanks for sharing this, it's good to get a peak behind the veil.

  4. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Wow. I didn't expect it to look like this really. Thanks for sharing.