May 20, 2008

Something Important Happening

A little over two year ago my friend Ari was still living in New York and I was still in Malaysia. He sent me an email saying that he had walked past an artist studio and met a woman who painted large oil portraits of people for a show she was doing at the time. He told me that he asked if he could sit for one and was subsequently painted.

I was feeling left out, so I contacted Kristen Copham to see if she would paint my portrait too, if I sent her a photo. She was a bit hesitant, but after some cajoling she agreed. I sent her this photo: A few weeks later I received the following words in the form of an email from Kristan:
Dear Jabiz,

Thanks for sending the picture for your portrait for the Your Face Here project. It was interesting to work from a photo - not sure I totally captured you since I missed the nuances of movement & talking and various expressions, etc. But it looks a bit like the photos you sent as far as I can tell.
Along with this photo:
I forgot about the whole exchange until I was sent the following link from Ari:

I am not sure why I am sharing this, but there is something important happening here. I am not sure what it is, but I like the fact that I was involved in a New York art show, while sitting at my computer in Malaysia.

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