July 3, 2008

Three Years

Today marks the year year anniversary of when I stopped drinking. I would hope that by this stage I would have stopped keeping track of the days, and to an extent I have, but it feels good to know that it has been three years.

I can't imagine ever drinking again, the idea of unleashing that beast no longer feels scary, but unnecessary. I was very nervous about how I would deal with my identity as a non-drinker when I first quit, but it has been quite easy. I have written a lot about addiction here, so I have nothing more to add, no profound insights on sobriety. I just wanted to state that I feel certain I have made the right choice, for all the insecurities and angst I display here on this blog, I am sure not drinking is the best decision I have ever made in my life.


  1. bz- you have been very open about your personal life- and while i am not sure congrats are what you want or need- i really feel that you deserve credit for being a thoughtful, compassionate human being. you share the fact that you are an imperfect being- a human being- and that is a rare commodity in the world market today :)

  2. I am struggling with addiction right now and I can't even imagine myself 3 years clean and I have absolutely no idea how it would feel if such a day were to come in my life, if it does, I'll be very happy and I guess you should be happy having crossed another landmark in your recovery.

    "The gift of recovery is recovery itself" as I am being told daily right now ... :o)