August 26, 2008

Democracy Brought To You By Pepsi

The fact that the Democratic National Convention is held at a place called The Pepsi Center says all we need to hear about where their allegiances are. The two party, corporate-sponsored, imperial government rolls out its best poster boys and girls for change for your viewing pleasure, straight from your corporate free media, oh wait, I was thinking we lived in a democracy. They will use their henchmen at CBS, CNN, NBC, ABS, and FOX

It's hard to take democracy seriously when it is brought to you by Coors and Pepsi. These are the companies willing to expose their names to the public. Rest assured your favorite corporate sponsors like Exxon, Haliburton, and Carlyl Group are hard at work behind the scenes.

Get another viewpoint at Free Speech TV, apparently there is still a war going on in Iraq.

"Obama is not a change we can believe in. He is the change we are told to believe in." Code Pink member

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  1. thanks bz- i passed the link around. you know that i am a recovering democrat :) and have decided to go non affiliated. it is disillusioning to realize that your government is a corporatocracy and not a democracy but there you have it.