August 23, 2008


I have been very hesitant to get into the US elections this year. I simply don't have the energy I had in 04'. And denouncing Obama seems much more difficult than Kerry. Third party politics are a fading dream and I am ready to wake up. I guess my motto is:

I don't believe in lies, and American Democracy is the biggest lie out there.

But like any junkie worth is addiction, I am sure I will find some excuse to write a few blog posts about why and how Obama is not the answer for the American Left. In the meantime, I think the DNC and RNC should be interesting, for one reason, Rage Against the Machine is making an appearnce with my old buddy Ralph. Good to see that some people still support him. And the names on the list are some of my heroes:

Next Wednesday, Denver is going to be rockin.

Thousands will be gathered at the University of Denver Magness Arena to protest the corporate lockdown on the Presidential debates.

Sean Penn, Val Kilmer, Cindy Sheehan, Tom Morello, Jello Biafra and others will join Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez.

Demanding an end to the corporate control over the Presidential debates.

So, if there is any chance you can get to Denver Wednesday, you can make a donation to reserve your ticket here.

If you can't get to Denver, no problem.

Free Speech TV will be streaming the event live on the Internet. (Wednesday, August 27, 7 p.m. Mountain time, 9 p.m. Eastern.)

Just click here to watch.


  1. i dropped party affiliation when i moved this summer. i can no longer be a part of the system. i cannot support ralph nader either. i have no respect left for him. my candidate was dennis k. and none of the rest even come close. obama is a nice man who will try but congress isn't going to do anything. democracy in america is a thing of the past. welcome to the united corporatocracy of america.

  2. I am not sure I support Nader either this time around. He seems to be becoming a caricature of himself these days, but when there is only one candidate that seems to be worried about my issues and saying the things I wish they all were saying, what choice do I have.

    This post was more about the events in Denver than Ralph himself, but still this quirky old man still has a soft spot in my heart.

  3. this is second time in the last few months that i have wished that i still lived in denver. typically it's the kind of place where the protesters are anti-immigration and pro-life but this should be interesting. i have a friend in albuquerque who is driving up and even has tickets to the convention.