August 13, 2008

My Place to be Happy

Sitting in my kitchen, for better or worse in my desert home. Outside a half moon evaporates behind another sandstorm who forces her way across the Arabian desert only to dissipate into the Persian Gulf. Been nursing a cold for two days and waiting for a sign to kick-start my new year. Resolutions and life changes are piling up under old habits and same-old-ways. I mentally pull them out each day and get them ready for presentation.

The days are filled with a hopefulness I haven’t felt in a while. Crawling my way out from under the weight of the world to find my place to be happy. Trying to find a way to make small choices that will reconnect me to the earth and the gifts she has given me throughout my life.


  1. do they have chicken soup in doha? :)

  2. blogosphere friendship
    exchanging ideas; beliefs-

    bz- i cannot tell you how much i appreciate your advice to read 'creating true peace' and 'mindful politics'- i have been learning so much and it has helped me to figure out where i should be heading in life. i know you have been through a rough patch lately- so i wanted you to know that i have come through mine- and am here to help if i can. namaste.

  3. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Powerful words...good going.