August 28, 2008

People Before Politics

I’ve written before about my addictive personality, and I am finding myself in state of gradual relapses with one of my most dangerous vices. The craving for this drug is one of the hardest highs to kick. I swore that I wouldn’t follow it this time around. Keep my nose clean and away from the hype. I would refrain from following election results, no listening to speeches by Obama and getting frustrated by his empty propaganda and contrived promises.

I would ignore the emails I get from the Nader camp, as even I am starting to get annoyed by his ineffective campaigns. But then I found out that Cindy Sheehan is running for Congress in California against Nancy, I am the biggest sell-out in politics, Pelosi.

I could feel my blood pumping at the thought of this woman sneaking into Congress. No one person can effect change in halls of the US Senate, but one person, this person in particular could make it very hard for people to go on business as usual.

To have Sheehan in Congress, standing up or issues like these, would be a godsend for the third party independent movement. If you are a Californian progressive and you are tired of business as usual, then please support this campaign. I have become so jaded that when people start to talk about how, “Yes, we can,” Obama bullshit I just look the other way and say I don’t believe in American Democracy anymore. But this, this campaign gives me hope. I am vstill ery doubtful that the corporatocarcy will allow someone like Sheehan to get anywhere near the US government and their big money goons, but the addict in me would love to see her try.

And by the way, apperenlty someone is trying to tap her phones! COINTELPRO anyone?

Follow the links, read her blog, get involved. Oh and if you are around, see if you can watch Ralph, Sean Penn, and Tom Morello rile up the crowds for real at the DNC, away from the shiny TV spots and Pepsi Center.


  1. this is who sheehan endorsed for president

    i have been putting her link all over as a third party strong woman candidate.

    believe it or not- buddhism is helping me kick my addiction to politics :)

  2. I like you. I like your writing style. Your honesty is refreshing.

    I want to link to you.