September 1, 2008


I started interacting with Betmo a few years ago, I think. I remember her as a devout Democrat with ants in her pants. Through time I have watched her slowly begin to radicalize her thoughts. Although often bitter and angry, there is a peace at her core that connects with mine.

Check out her thoughts here.

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  1. i like to think of it as a 'burr in my saddle' :) i have much to thank you for bz. reading the books recommended by you has helped so much and i even bought a copy of 'creating true peace' for my sister :) reading of your struggles has helped me with my own- i am not alone on this life's journey :) i don't know if i will make a good buddhist- whatever that is- my goal is to gain inner peace. so far, it has been a struggle to wrap my westernized brain around it. but hey, i have more than one lifetime to do it :) and i know you will be there too.