September 4, 2008

Didn't Know?

Not much to say in this post that can't be better said in the following videos:

The rumors of a secret Rage Against the Machine concert turned out to be halfway true late Tuesday afternoon, when local blogs confirmed the free show on the lawn of the Minnesota State Capitol at 6:30 p.m. But, reportedly, as Anti-Flag — one of the scheduled performers for the Ripple Effect music festival — introduced RATM, police suddenly shut the concert down, despite the fact that the festival had a legal permit until 7 p.m. Read more here.

Dead Prez spitting the truth at DNC. If congress don’t make progress let’s change the process. Dead Prez

and more here, Dead Prez Protest DNC=RNC=Same=Imperialists:

Tom Morello on False Flag Terrorism:

So there you have it! God bless Youtube and our ability to disseminate information. Don't say you didn't know.

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