September 8, 2008

Friend Feed

As I get more and more comfortable using social networking sites or, Web 2.0 tools, I am realizing that this blog, Intrepid Flame, seems to have remained in a static state. I use tools like Flickr, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Youtube and Twitter more and more these days, but for some reason I find that I have been ignoring these tools on my personal blog. The people I interact with professionally know all about these tools, but I would like to share and connect with my real life friends and the readers of this blog as well.

The nature of the new web is forcing me to consolidate my online life. I hope that friends, readers, like-minded souls, and strangers will find shared places and ideas that we can jointly map on the web so that we can become better connected. The more time I spend on the web, looking at pictures, watching videos, reading articles, chatting with friends, the more I realize that sharing new discoveries is easier than emailing links back and forth. There are better tools for sharing what we find, what we say, who we are.

Tools like Friend Feed help us stay connected, not only by what we say to each other, but by allowing us to rummage through the findings of our friends, peers, and others to see what we can find for ourselves in their online activity.

So if you want to know what articles I am tagging in Delicious, or see the latest video I posted, or what I am up to on Twitter, then all you have to do is subscribe to my Friend Feed here.

I have added a widget to my sidebar in addition to the one below; so what are you waiting for? Come find me. Let’s share, connect, and move forward together.

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