September 28, 2008

Life's Journey

Readers of this blog should be familiar with Betmo. She is a regular reader and an avid commenter here at Intrepid Flame. Through out the last few months we have been building a nice little friendship. We share many ideas and have watched each other grow.

She sent me the email below, after my last post, and when asked why she didn’t leave it as a comment, she said she didn’t want to get in the middle of martial arguments. While I appreciate her discretion, I think she raises some good points that add to the discussion:

i can only speak to the world situation as it is. my first
thought is- it is that bad. many folks don't want to wake up and
realize that but it is. the environment is crashing- entire species are
going extinct and scientists are now concerned with disappearing solar
winds and methane bubbles in the arctic. aware is about all you can
be. the basic necessities of life- food, water, shelter- all under
siege- from the environmental impacts on growing and whatnot to the
growing shortage of water. inflation and unemployment is going to be
staggering. millions are going to die and martial law will be declared
in places around the world. probably even here in america. i don't
know how much news you get there from here- non propaganda i mean. as
for procreating- i can only give you my opinion as a deliberately
childless woman in a couple who mutually agreed- what kind of life can
you offer a child? not just when they are small. what kind of world
are you leaving them- are the people in charge now leaving them? a
world crashing environmentally and economically. jabiz- if you aren't
thinking about these things all of the time- you aren't aware.

now, that's not to say you shouldn't live in the moment too and enjoy
what you do have. relish and cherish what you do have. but you can't
pretend that everything is going to be fine because it isn't. even if
folks who aren't corporatists take charge- there's a whole lotta mess to
clean up and realistically, the tipping point for life sustainability on
this planet was tipped decades ago. long before you or i were born.
the short sightedness of the people in charge when our parents were
young has led us down this garden path. life has dealt us this and we
have to deal. the only thing you can do- live each day as best you
can. that means- do what you have to do to get yourselves somewhere
that isn't a desert. you must at least grow your own veggies. really.
it is late in the game to start the self sufficiency route but please
trust me when i tell you- get as self sufficient as you can. lower your
debt, grow your own food, conserve water, consume less and reuse and
recycle. we can't fix the world's problems- they are too big and the
planet is going to be here when we aren't. human beings are extincting
themselves and i don't believe it's a bad thing. we are leeches on a
big beautiful earth- and our time is reaching an end.

i have no faith in americans. perhaps i can renew my faith in humanity
outside of here. what i see in my daily life and what i read about and
hear about- people here are just shortsighted users. i don't know if
this is helpful or not. all you can do is let go of the big picture and
scale down. i hope your wife gets on board because middle class
suburbia is ending. it's unfair and it's on the down swing. i have
never met your wife so i will not presume to have insight that i don't
have. it's a process and i have had to help husband see too. he is a
surburbanite too. not easy. people look at me as if i am crazy- and i
am not. i just know human nature and i see the trends. and i hate
being right these days- but i had been harping on the impending economic
collapse a year ago and the martial law tactics too. we are now going
to have army personnel deployed-- to america. they will be on duty here
on american soil for the first time in our history. and i don't have a
good feeling about it.

anyhoo- you have a right to be depressed but no right to brood. there
isn't anything more you can do but take care of your own life and help
plant seeds of freedom and truth in the next generation. the next baby-
is you and your wife's decision. i have a narrow view where i think
anyone having kids are selfish but that's strictly my view. namaste my
friend. b

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