October 17, 2008

The Corner

I know I am infamous for my hyperbole, but I just finished The Corner by David Simon and Edward Burns, and I want to say that it is truly one of the top ten best works of journalism/literature I have ever read. There is nothing like it. Get your hands on it now!

It is written by the two guys who wrote and produced The Wire, my favorite show on TV. I am currently beneath the weight of a brainstorm session on a series of blogposts I want to write that date back to July when I first started watching The Wire. The series will be about The Wire, The Corner, Dead Prez, the American ghetto, class, drugs,  race, and much more.  I am trying to find the cheapest (read free way) to get my hands on the HBO miniseries for further research. I just ordered David Simon's other book Homocide, and I am downloading their new mini-series project- Generation Kill.

Furthermore, I am excited to listen to this interview with David Simon about this new project. This expereince has been going on since July and I can't get enough. Soon you won't be able to either.


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  2. I was going to make a joke about "Homocide", maybe involving Omar, but I've reconsidered.

    The Wire was of course incredible and I will definitely be watching for Burns/Simon's future works.