November 30, 2008

New Tunes

I have been stumbling onto a lot of new music lately. Some of it through my Twitter contacts, some through my RSS feed. Bands like Bon Iver, The Felice Brothers, and now Phosphorescent have waken me up to some great music hovering under my radar.

I apologize for not having the energy to write proper reviews of these bands. My purpose now is simply share some great music with friends and readers who I think will love this music.

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I will even go so far as to simply cut and paste some choice lines about my new find, Phosphorescent, from other reviewers. I think you will review that even the writing about his musics sends chills down your back.
Phosphorescent was one of those mysterious bands that I fell into. You know the kind — the kind you stumble upon in a bar or a club, with no familiarity, no recognition and they completely blindside you, leave you with a dry mouth and heart palpitations.

He’s satisfied when it’s served, unadorned and unapologetically cast in a tan glow, these morsels of the uncomplicated escape.

It’s a claustrophobic closeness that can’t be found on any of Houck’s albums, these bottles of aged wine and midnight air that are the occasions of sad kings and free spirits who can’t make do with what they’re surrounded with, with what they have to deal with on a consistent basis.

These are songs that perk up a good, guttural howl from the balls of the toes and project it high and into the night skies so that it reaches all of the outskirts and those with antennas far off into the distance. They are songs that have no neighbors, that don’t lock their doors at night, that find campfires to be good fires and never stray from biting their tongues when too much is about to be said.
Please click here and here to read reviews in their entirety and to download some music. I also highly recommend regularly reading the great blog Brooklyn Vegan.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs:

Mama there's wolves in the house
Mama i tried to put them out
And mama i know you're too wise
To wait till those wolves make nice

ps: At the time of this writing someone from Twitter told me to also check out Deer Tick. I am downloading The War Elephant now.

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