December 14, 2008


Sitting on my rooftop drinking ice cold coffee listening to Elliott Smith, while procrastinating and not doing any substantial writing. Making weak connections on a variety of social networks to prove to myself that we really are all members of a bigger web, but enjoying the feeling of being alone.

Surrounded by my books, my music, access to media and the web, the desert stares at me. I feel invincible, powerful until I realize that I have nothing original to say. Looking for meaning, I scratch out a few more words.

This moment is real. I can feel it passing...


  1. i find myself having periodic bursts of inspiration when i am on fire. all of the words line up in the right place and i know i have really nailed whatever i have written- whether commentary or haiku :) so, your moment spoke to me as i am having multiple moments these days. i intend on making my husband truffles today-- after my hot coffee this morning :) as i stare out of my window and onto the snowy winter ground here in new york state :) namaste.

  2. Sounds like college to me... Drinking coffee and procrastinating.