February 13, 2009

Instant Part I

I have been in a good place lately. I feel comfortable in my clothes. I breathe easily. I create. I learn. I grow. My thoughts and ideas seem to be caught in a synergetic dance with my hopes and dreams.

This video is a testament to by newly found appreciation for freedom. The freedom to express and document every minuscule detail of our realities, in hopes that maybe someone out there will relate and connect. Someone will see that the things I struggle with are the same things they struggle with. We’ll see that we are on a similar journey, and it behooves us to design and share a map.

This video is my contribution to the map.

When I was younger I wanted to be a writer and publish books. I wanted to share my story. The problem was and still is that I have yet to hear my story, so the books remain unwritten. The beauty of the modern age is that I am writing my life across the Internet, in the photos I post, the films I make, the blog posts I write, the books I read and the music I listen to, are all pieces of the mosaic that is my life.

These clues are only pixels in the picture of my existence. Then to realize that this existence is nothing more than a speck in the universe.

So sit back and enjoy. It has not always been able to show people what the world looks like through your eyes.

So let the discussion begin: What makes your life unique? What's the world like in your life?


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Really enjoyed the self reflection. What is the name of the song about Afganistan? Best, Anita

  2. Light up Your Lighta by Michael Franti

    I can burn you the CD if you want.

  3. The best writers create significance from the mundane - thanks for your journey.

    I make up short stories while driving - one's unconscious conscious is engaged in the act of driving so perhaps the rest of one's unconscious, creative mind is freed as a result.

    Love the Franti song - off to find it now :)

  4. Ah the Decemberists. Nice beginning.

  5. ah bz- glad to see you are more at peace- me too :) i feel the same way about my story- the chapters seem to be rewriting themselves weekly. here's where i am