March 2, 2009


I first saw the Youtube clip below when I received a Tweet from Alec Courosa.

He is my go-to-guy for cool things to see and do on the web. If you don’t already follow him on Twitter I suggest you do, but enough Courosa hype, let’s get to this clip:

When I first this clip, my mind was racing with ideas of how I would speed it up or slow it down, add music, change the colors or add effects. But after watching it longer, I realized how perfect this little seven-minute clip is. I do not want to read too far into the meaning and make more of it than it is, but this little clip so perfectly illustrates the simple power of capturing human beings being human beings. In short, watching the camera make its journey is a perfect reminder that reality is often simple, honest, and pure. We eat, we smile, we feed babies, we drift off into space, we talk, we flash peace signs, we record pour experiences and share them with kindred spirits.

This is the new web. This is community. This is art. This is life.

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  1. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Loved the video and your comment on it, Jabiz!
    The human reaction to an object that is part of their daily life, but placed in odd situation, shows the optimistic and soft edged side of human beings.