April 18, 2009

Insane Nation

I came late to the “Teabagging” fiasco, and I think I gave it more credit than it was worth. I was shocked by the ignorance on display and after looking at it objectively, I can see now that, it is nothing more than some poor, ignorant, scared people, being pushed around by forces they have no way of understanding.

As teachers we do not blame the ignorant, we educate them. The following clip is insightful, although a bit mean spirited.

I have highlighted my favorite lines below:
  • Riled up by the people who caused these things.
  • There’s nothing like seeing a bunch of racist become confused and angry by a speech which they are not quite sure what is being said.
  • You can tell these type of right-wingers anything and they’ll believe it, expect the truth.
  • Fox news loves to foment this type of anti-intellectualism, because it is their bread and butter. If we had a cerebral electorate Fox New goes down the toilet.
  • There is no shortage of the natural resources: ignorance, apathy, hate, fear.
Olberman asks a question toward the end, “What do we do?”

The uniting of Americans seems like such an overwhelming task. How did people get led so far stray, and how can we find a way to find common ground? The corporate/Wall Street power structure how done such an amazing job of manipulating large parts of the American populace that the web of their puppet strings have us all dazed and confused. How else can one explain a population who protest benefits designed to help them, but cheer others that will hurt them? This behavior is nothing but psychotic.

The American ruling class and its corporate arms have succeed in making a nation insane, and as any one who has been terrified of Nurse Ratchet knows, the insane can be led about easily once they have been drugged, threatened, or if push comes to shove lobotomized.

And let me tell you my friends, Americans have been all three. Now it is time to throw that damn fountain out the window and make our break. We deserve better treatment than this.

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