August 22, 2009

Food of the Gods

While McKenna's main thesis is that hallucinogenic plants played a major role in the development of human self-awareness, consciousness, language, and religion, he also in the spirit of Derrick Jensen and Daniel Quinn, painstakingly tries to show us that human beings have lost our way since the age of aggressive agriculture, and that for true redemption we need to look back and reconnect with our original tribal, more feminine, earth connected roots.

He makes great claims about the importance of hallucinogenic plants and the role they played in the evolution of our species and the need to reconnect with the plants that led us to our collective consciousness.

While at times repetitive, pedantic, and a bit too "hippy-dippy" this is an excellent and easy read for anyone interested in evolution, human consciousness, and the role of hallucinogenic plants and the future of our planet.

Also a great historical recap of the role of other "drugs" like sugar, tea, and coffee on human history. All together a fascinating book. Glad I read it.

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