October 22, 2009

Kimya Dawson

I first heard of Kimya Dawson after hearing her song Anthrax from the Body of War soundtrack. Wait that is not true, I guess I truly first heard her , as you probably did from the Juno soundtrack.

Image from Amie St.

The haunting disjointed lyrics, her unconventional voice, and simple guitar chords had me interested enough to do some research.
this is just a test take it with love and you will pass
you will be rewarded if you do your very best
nothing ever goes as planned so don't take anything for granted
if you do the world will kick your ass

I had a difficult time finding any of her music through torrents except for her kids’ album Alphabutt, a series of silly children’s songs. Kaia and I have been listening to it almost everyday on our way to school, and we both are falling in love. It is so funny to hear Kaia ask for songs by name and sing along.

I am not sure if singing about monkey farts is appealing for people with out kids, but Kimya does take a few asides from her immaturity to subtly teach us some lessons. Two of my favorite songs are Sunbeams and Some Beans and Happy Home (Keep Writing).

Here is why:
If you're breathing you are living
If you're living you are learning
So write and write and keep on writing
Just make sure your life's exciting
Write and write and keep on writing
Just make sure your life's exciting
Write and write and keep on writing
Just make sure your life's exciting

I can wait to teach this song to my students!
it was his heart that made my friend great
Not his muscles, his money, his job or his name or his fame
See my friend isn't famous
He is just a good person who grows what he eats
And if you have a mouth then he will try to feed you
And if you are cold he'll put wood in the stove
Grab a quilt and some warm flannel sheets

If you are into weird hippy kids music with a message, then give Kimya Dawson a listen, you and your kids will have a blast just getting silly:


  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    hey have you seen this speech: http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/519/ ?
    It's 47 minutes but worth every second of it. Maybe you could blog about it?

  2. Kimya is nobody's hippy...