November 19, 2010

Amid The Noise

It's Friday night and I am tired, but the good kind of tired, not the wheels spinning feeling stuck in one place kind of tired. The fatigue that comes from a week well worked. The kind of ache that comes from setting goals and achieving them. The kind of tiredness that allows for a night of not feeling guilty for not writing, or planning, or thinking too much about anything.

The kind of night you surf the web looking for mindless joy and watch TV with your wife. Maybe read a few pages of a book before you crawl into your bed and ponder how blessed you are to be able to sleep in such a beautiful, comfortable, clean bed, next to an amazing women and two beautiful kids.

Anyway, I was cruising the web, when I came across two items that helped bolster my already good mood and I would like to share them with you now.

There is not much that needs to be said about the words below:

Then there is this. Same idea different presentation:

I am not sure what I will do with these words or how they will inspire me, but I hope that in the coming weeks they will lead me some place great.


  1. Anonymous11:38 PM

    Avoid only the people who wish you ill: the loud and the vexatious
    Are sometimes the interesting and the fun.

    Compare yourself with others every day
    But remember that nothing is lost or gained in the comparison.

    Take heart in your differences
    And change in yourself what you don't like - because you can!

    Sometimes, you must.

    Never listen if somebody tells you that God loves you
    Whether you believe in him or not.
    Forgive them for needing to be certain in an uncertain world.
    Never tell another man what he must believe
    But keep your own belief firm and tight in your chest
    And share it only with those closest to you.

    And forgive the people that say all is for the best
    In this best of all possible worlds.
    For the universe, if it unfolds at all,
    Is a strange, and dark, and convoluted place.
    And there is no guarantee it will turn out well.

    Cling instead to the flickering lights
    in the darkness.
    Remember that dawn trails ever the night.

    And last - don't search for your place in the world.
    Create it.

  2. Anonymous4:14 AM

    I don't understand how my entire life: the places, the friends, the knowledge, the experiences, the excitement, the suffering, the family, the success, the hopes, the dreams, the ideas, could come down to nothing at seventeen. This realization brings me to catatonia, for how could so much mean so little? And if I wished it to be changed and had an idea, a destination in mind, I wouldn't have the strength for having thought such an idea is poison to the will that gives me the energy to survive.

    Maybe it was innocence lost, something that is supposed to happen anyways, or maybe fate, nonetheless I feel I've been knocked lopsided off the track that is my life. I cease to live as me so I live as a mind thinking about living. How to live? How to love? Think.