January 20, 2011

The Path

Headed out on a quick bike ride with Kaia to look for a path around our neighborhood, but nothing jumped out.Which got me thinking that, perhaps the subject of the photo may just be the least important aspect of a good shot. I found a simple road in our complex and tried to give it life. I thought of the angle, the light and the framing of the image.

I wish I had a macro lens so I could get the foreground in better focus, but as it turned I like the effect of the fuzzy green moss. There is a weird sense of detail and haziness both with the moss (natural) and concrete (man made) elements.

The funny thing I noticed as I was uploading this shot is that tomorrow's prompt is to get low and take a shot from a low angle.
Make a photograph featuring a path, road, or trail that leads the eye through the photograph.

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