January 9, 2011

Peace and Beauty

All morning I have been glued to Twitter and the Internet reading about the shooting in Arizona. I am both angered and saddened by the violence that our political system not only tolerates, but seems to encourage. Rather than rant about or dissect the political ramifications an event like this will have on the already damaged American psyche, I wanted to do something kind and loving and simple.

The prompt for today's photoshoot was to make a photograph to serve as a special memory of somebody or something. I wanted to honor the people who were killed in Arizona. I found an old art project that Kaia had done and took this picture in honor of the nine year old girl who was killed. I think she may become the symbol of the innocence that has been lost in American politics. 

The photo may not be much and was done in haste, but I wanted to send something simple and tender into the universe. I cannot imagine what her parents are going through right now, but knowing the anger I feel, I am sure they could do with a dose of peace and beauty.

There is so much more that could be and should be done to heal a wounded nation, but at the moment this photograph is all I can muster. 

Make a photograph today to serve as a special memory of somebody or something.

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