February 8, 2011

Starting Line

I'm not much of a preparer, just ask my wife. I am more of a wing-it improv guy. If it works out great, if not let's see how else we can do it. I rarely prepare much and prefer to find the flow and go with it.

That is why having my wife around is fantastic. She is an expert packer. Traveling with two kids under five could be a nightmare with me at the helm, but with Mairin we know the kids will always have what they need. She handles our money, gets food prepared, and keeps the household running like a well oiled machine.  I do my share of things around the house, but preparing for the future is not one of them. I tend to focus more on making the present interesting.

I give Mairin grief and tease her about her OCD tendencies,  but without her preparedness we would be a lost ship for sure. Having said all that...setting up your coffee accouterments the night before? Is that crossing the line? Settle a bet; let us know! Well-prepared or Rain Man territory?

We all prepare for things every day. Illustrate preparedness in a photograph today.

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