March 28, 2011

Audacity Indeed!

I am in a state in which I often find myself- too tried to write a fully thought out, well written post, but wily enough to want, nay, need to say more than a few Tweets. So what to do? Write the half baked, get it out of my system, more than 140 characters post, and move on.

After a thought provoking and mind opening chat with my friend Ari, I am reading Audacity of Hope by none other than B. Obama himself. And honestly, I am loving it. It is too soon for me to make any grand political epiphanies or sweeping judgments, but the book itself is an absolute pleasure to read. Flawlessly written and honest in spirit, it is a book that every American should read if for nothing else a firm understanding of how politics works in our current age.

The prose is fluid, well crafted and a pleasure to read. His ideas, while wildly centrist and bipartisan, can't help but make you, no matter what your political persuasion, think about your position in a more open-minded way. It is a dispassionate, realistic, and honest look into the mind of a politician.

As I mentioned earlier this is not the soul bearing post in which I closely examine some fundamental shifts in my thinking due to the content of this book. This is merely to say that I am really enjoying the ride. I will definitely be reading his earlier book if for no other reason that I love his style. 

More soon. I am about half way through it...

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