March 12, 2011

Close to Home

I find something very beautiful, humbling, and wonderful about people sitting in rooms alone and recording their favorite songs.  We so often associate musicians as extroverted performers, but the reality is that many of us are shy, quiet folk who strum chords and sing out of key, simply because the songs in us must get out.

I love watching random Youube covers. There is often such a pure innocence in the way these songs are covered. The cynic may claim that we closet singers are looking for some kind of attention, others may mock us like they do to the poor victims of American Idol, but I think there is something very brave in locking yourself in the bathroom with a guitar and singing to the world.

I have been a bit obsessed with the song Far From Home by Iron and Wine. First I remixed it with snippets from this confession by Justin Hall.

Far From Home On A Dark Night by intrepidflame

Now I have covered the song with a simple guitar track and posted it on Soundcloud, in hopes that other will add some noice, backing tracks drums etc... to my track and repost it on Soundcloud.  At which time I will download the different versions and remix a collaborative version of my cover.

I have sent an invite to the following people on Youtube, so I hope you join in. Great covers! One and all.

So take this track:

Far From Home by intrepidflame

and add your voice. Upload it to soundcloud and send me the link! Let's see what we create together. To clarify there are a few things you can do:
  1. Download this track and add backing vocals or other instruments to it and upload it or send it to my dropbox on Soundcloud.  Sort of a duet. 
  2. You can play my track in the background but only record and upload your tracks. So I can then layer the various tracks to create a more layered song.Make sure the timing works to make it easier. I can then take your tracks and simply add them to a Garaband File.
  3. Do something totally random and crazy and make me deal with it.
Let' em rip people. Here is the tab I used.

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