March 27, 2011


Your love is better than ice cream
Better than anything else that I’ve tried
And your love is better than ice cream
Everyone here knows how to fight

Sarah McLachlan

I have a little more to add to this Daily Shoot assignment. Last night, I spent a little over an hour making fresh mint ice cream from scratch, and this simple act of creation made me very happy. My mind was swirling with cool mediative thoughts on simplicity and freshness. Rather than try to recapture them all now, I will open the flood gates and let spill some of the ideas that I remember:

We have forgotten how simple creation can be. Fast and easy has overtaken slow and deliberate. We allow others to make everything for us because they have made it appear to be difficult and while they have promised to make our lives easier,  really they have only made our lives more shallow.

Flavor comes from the earth. All of it. Everything else is processed chemicals. Everything tastes better homemade. To say we don't have time means to make time for other things. Food is important. I enjoy stirring cream. I like the smell of fresh mint. This is meditation. I am learning right now. I can feel the tingle. Learning how to make a custard. Learning how to infuse flavor, learning how to slow down and breathe. These are the lesson we should be teaching in school. 

I hope sharing this experience will connect me to like-minded people and/or inspire others. I like it all by myself here with the spinning iced cream. What flavors are next: Saffron, rosewater, pumpkin, peach? Tomorrow night I will make fresh raviolis. Something inside me is alive and growing. I will nurture it with the love I put in this food...

Here are some images from my Saturday night.

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