April 4, 2011

Sweet Potato Ice Cream

My mind is a buzz with ice cream flavors! Having already had some success with mint, I wanted to try something a bit more exotic. I had this idea of this pumpkin pie idea, but pumpkin is hard to find here in Indonesia, so I decided to go with sweet potato instead. I also wanted candied pecans for texture, but couldn't find those either. Let's walk through the process, look at some pictures, and discuss what worked and what didn't.

First problem was that the Japanese sweet potatoes I found were not as orange or as sweet as I would have liked. They had more of a potato flavor and I was worried that my ice cream would taste more like french fries and less like a sweet pie. I thought I would simply sweeten them with some maple syrup, so I carried on and began boiling the bad boys up!

Looking a bit more rosy, but the flavor was still not there.

I peeled them, whisked my yolks and prepared my custard.

I am learning more about custard. There is a trick to making it creamy and it involves a steady warm heat so the eggs don't cook or curdle, but turn into a creamy custard. There is a lot of stirring involved.

I mixed in the potatoes and the custard and into the ice cream maker it all went. I also added some syrup for sweetness, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a bit of fresh ginger. Even a tiny bit was too much and nearly cut all the sweetness I had created.

Finally, I still needed some crunch so I caramelized some sugar candy like my grandmother used to make and sprinkled it on top.

All in all it is not bad, but not as creamy as my previous my batch. I am pretty sure this has to do with the denisty of the potatoes. It is also pretty hardy. A whole bowl feels a bit like having a meal, so this might be best on a slice of apple pie or something. I would be interested in trying this again with really sweet orange potatoes next time. Not bad for my first time and it will be yummy to eat, but not as good as the mint.

I want to try a nut based flavor next. I am thinking pistachio or almond, but I have no idea what that entails. I also found some rose water and as soon as I can afford some Saffron, I can make some Persian ice cream which is delicious.

Do you have any flavor ideas?

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