April 2, 2011

Taking Requests

Every Saturday morning my wife goes grocery shopping with Kaia, while I watch our youngest. I usually spend that time messing with my guitar and singing as loudly as I can, since I cannot really do that when people are home.

This week I took a few requests from Twitter. Nothing spectacular, but had some fun strumming about.

Freebird- Called a bluff by Msstewart

Was reminded how much I love Boss DJ by Sublime by cristinamoreno

And struggled my way through one of my favorites by Pearl Jam thanks to John Spencer

There is nothing here that will get me a record deal, but it was a fun way to sing and connect with a few random people out there. I hope to record a better version of Boss DJ soon. I really like it and think I could do it some justice with some practice. Thanks everyone who played along.

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