July 14, 2011

Kabuki Democracy- A Review

There is not much in this book that any decently informed liberal/progressive doesn't already know-- role of money in corrupting American politics, the obstructionist effects of the opposition party in deteriorating the very concept of government, the power of right-wing media outlets like Fox shaping what passes for political dialogue in the USA--are but some of the obstacles Eric Alterman explains in his latest book Kabuki Democracy.  But more importantly, he does a more than adequate job of stringing his ideas together to create a forceful, concise, and insightful narrative to help create a grassroots guide on what to do about it. 

This is not an Anti-Obama book, although he is critical of the (rightful or wrongful) feelings of betrayal that have been felt by many in Obama's leftist base. No. This is a clear look at the many obstacles that have stymied what ever candidate Obama may have wanted to do in his first years in office.

Not a book to share with your centrist friends, as they will no doubt accuse you of radical bias, but it is an effective Left-wing manual to help gather the troops and focus on what needs to be done to move America forward. Warning, it will not be easy, but it starts with all of us.

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