August 4, 2011

Beautiful and Finite

Below you will find a video. It is powerful. It is beautiful. It is vital. I have a cumbersome batch of thoughts on it that I cannot seem to capture. They are deceivingly light and agile. They are connected to my recent spate of technology related anxiety. I started a post with rooted in that agitation, but my train of thought went to a different station. You can follow those tracks by reading this.  

I thought I would watch the video again and see if we can’t arrive at the right spot.

I miss the earth. I am here, but feel so distant. I have escaped into screens and am making connections with texture I cannot feel. Shallow surfaces that leave no residue, but guilt and emptiness. I have forgotten the feeling of soil beneath my feet--tile to car to tile to cement to car to tile to bed. I have forgotten the gentle song of the moon. The stars blanked out by the buzz of machines. I have taken for granted the soul-shaking wonder of a living planet.

I want a change. I want a break. I want to unplug.

                 want change.       want break.       want unplug.

                                change.             break.              unplug?

Aw.. screw it. I don’t know how to steer this train. Watch for yourself. What do you think? What do you feel? Have we gone too far forward? Progressed too much? Can we get our planet back?

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